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I have been taking Zopiclone / Lunesta at night time. Typically 2 x 7.5mg which relaxes my mind. However I experience food cravings (sugar, fats) which leads to binge eating. How can I help myself ? Well, my sense is that I must taper off the Lunesta (zopiclone) gradually, and when my cravings start to appear, DON'T ACT ON THEM (perhaps drink water instead). It sounds simple, yet when I take the drugs I become a different person. Every morning I wake up with the same sense of guilt. My life is a beautiful mess. Can you offer any advice ?


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Hi Jon - REALLY cute picture of you guys - Love it... Scotland must be absolutely beautiful.. I hate to travel now so will probably not ever see it, but it is wonderful to look at pics

Lunesta - Hmmm - I actually have been taking that for about 4 - 5 years, but never had that side effect, and if you look at Drugs.com they lit the opposite - lack of appetite, sour taste, etc.. Is that the only medication you are on?

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Yeah that's the only medication.

Thanks for your kind words of support.

4 - 5 years? Wow.

Are you content and happy within yourself?

Do you find that Lunesta assists your life, rather than holding you back?

Best wishes


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Hi Jon - Well, my issues are a lot deeper than insomnia - I have about 7 autoimmune diseases - like Rheumatoid Arthritis, RLS, Sjogrens, etc. etc. and many of them affect both sleep and fatigue. But I am working on getting those conditions into remission (and have done really well overall), and I love being what and who I am. I'm married to a wonderful man, and have an overall great life. It takes me a lot longer to do the things I used to do in a quarter of the time, but I still get to do most of the things I want and need to...

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