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Basel cell

I've had these things come up on my face for many years, had them on both temples, now it appears I have another on the temple and one on the side of the nostril which keeps bleeding, am back at hospital at the end of the month to have a scrape biopsy on them, seems a new thing to have biopsy done, never had it done before on these, just removed, anyway, If I'm to be outside for any amount of time I use a moisturizer with an spf15 and a cap for 1-2 hours, it appears now that spf15 isn't enough for my fair skin and told it needs to be spf50, so looks like I shall have to raise the protection and slap on a higher SPF sun screen, as have had enough with scarring on the face, although not enormous, the one on the nose may cause some disfigurement ...

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hello dave i have been going through the mohsi look surgeries also only nose and one spot was under my eye . let me tell ya its not easy but find a great doctor and you will be fine . the healing process is the hardest part for me. being patient and letting time heal my constantly checking the mirror like something is gonna change lol but take the time to prepare i found that having the fridge stocked and daily household item for a good solid week necessities because you ant going to want to be going down to the grocery. i will keep ya in my prayers and be welland one more thing baby yourself little surgery is a very big deal so take the time for relaxing and catching up on movies your nose will be good thank god for modern medicine i swelled up like a prize fighter for a week man take this to heart all will be well


Have had numerous Basel cell lesions removed before thanks, on both temples, they caused a black eye bruising, not too bothered by that or looks, am passed dating! but was just a tad concerned about disfigurement on the nose after surgery, but hey if it can't be avoided then so be it!

As for prayers, well, sorry I don't believe in that!


cool how about positive thoughts i had a flap that started fro the corner of my eye to the tip of my nose. a total nightmare. its been a month now and some days really suck i miss my old sweet nose, but whats a gal to do i guess but deal. ok well good luck to ya