Acitinic keratinosis

I know that's not how you spell it but I have been diagnosed with this after a punch biopsy, it seems to be spreading and it's across my nose so quite awful, both my nan and aunt had bad skin cancer, my nan had a lot of her face removed because of it and my aunt on her back, I also have a new mole/freckle appear on my stomach that keeps crusting over, any advice please

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  • Hi, I'm in the same boat at the moment, new to this site and very worried at mo. Have used the cream first episode and thought sorted now back again in same area. Now got to see specialist. Don't know what's going on!!

  • Sorry that you're having to go through this, it does worry you but for me it's the least of my health problems....

  • Hi, me too, got a list as long as my arm lol

  • Lol me too.... I'm just waiting for an appointment for a ct coronary angiogram to come through and going for an MRI of my jaw on Friday.... we have all the fun ! 😀

  • Yeah lol when it comes it pours! But sometimes we all think we're on our own, so it's nice to know not suffering in silence now and not on our own! 😁 Hope all goes well for you 👍