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Are these all symptoms of syjogrens?

Hi everyone, I suffer from raynaulds an syjorgens,raynaulds for approx 10years and syjorgens for about a year and a half.

I have the usual dry eyes and mouth which I use eye drops and SIP water and chew sugar free gum.

I have severe muscle pain in my hips, thighs and back,also my hands swell,my hair had been falling out slowly for 4 months,I can't sleep well at night,haven't been able to sleep well for years and now also the fatigue is horrendous.

I have lots of other symptoms.

I thought syjorgens was just dry mouth eyes and reproductive dryness,could all my other symptoms be syjorgens,if she what can be done for the fatigue etc.

Many thanks Sandy.

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Hi Sandy, first of all Sjogrens effects the capillaries in the body which is responsible for the Raynauds, for this you need to take Noni Juice, for your muscle pain and swollen hands you need regular massage, acupuncture will help also, for your hair also head massage acupuncture and Birkin hair tonic, for the fatique you need a B12 injection you GP can give you a prescription you need a Grapeseed tablets and a probiotic powder if you do all this you will be feeling a lot better in 3months, hope this helps i did all this and was able to get Sjogrens back into remission.

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Hi Beverly, thank you for your help,I have an appointment with my g.p tommorrow a.m ,so I will ask him re the B12 injections,I was discharged from the rhumey 4 months ago,basically told not much we can do but treat the symptoms.

He just told me that all the syjorgens was ,was dry eyes,mouth and vaginal,I suffer with all of those and bowel /constipation probs.

He wasn't much help so I just went home and put up with it!

Now I am fed up putting up with it,the muscle pains are getting me down,I had chemotherapy and radiotherapy to the neck area 2 years ago and the dryness has got worse since then.

Thank you again for your help,take care Sandy.


Hi Sandy, has your rhumey put you on any medications? I am taking plaquenil in combination with prozac and find that it manages my muscle pains quite well. I have had SS for around 7 years now. It took about 3 months for the symptoms to subside to a tolerable level and since then they have flared from time to time which can be nasty. However, in general I am able to do most things I want to including play golf (so long as I have a ride on cart because the fatigue and muscle pain is still a problem with exercise), go on camping holidays and I worked full time until a year ago when my husband and I both retired. I also have dry eyes, mouth, vagina, bowel problems (IBS) and use the usual drops etc for them. The dryness I can tolerate, as with you, it is the pain and difficult nights that are hard to deal with. On the medications I have flare ups but they usually only last a few days and I know they will settle down. I add strong pain meds to the mix when I get the flare ups. Mostly my pain is in my lower back, hips, thighs, knees and calves - both muscles and joints. I also have tingling and numbness in my arms, hands and feet.

Good luck with your chosen treatment regime. I hope you get some relief.



Hi Sandy,

I have Sjogrens. Some of my symptoms include very dry eyes, reflux, reynauds, swollen hands, hair loss, fatigue, muscle twitching, tremors, pins and needles/numbness, intermittent pain in joints and muscles.....and the list goes on. I am no expert but suspect that most of what you mention relates to Sjogrens.



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