need help with tooth pain.

I am having severe pain in my teeth. The doctor doesn't seem to be able to help me. He says it must be dental and, as I see my dentist every three months, my dental care is good. Have just taken three Nurofen Plus - no help. Also tried mouth gels. Would appeciate any help. I go to a rheumatologist but he doesn't know much about Sjogrens - he admitted he is learning about it from me. Are there any doctors speciaizing in Sjogrens in Melbourne?

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  • Sjogrens affects the nervous system,are you experiencing any numbness in your face and head?it could be coming from the nerves at the nape of the neck if it persists you should get a referral to a neurologists.

  • Because Sjogrens affects the moisture producing glands in the body, one of the areas to suffer is the mouth. People with Sjogrens don't produce enough saliva to keep teeth coated like they should be. I have suffered dental problems for years and most of the time the dentist could not tell me why my teeth kept hurting, getting infections and eventually losing many teeth. It wasn't until I was diagnosed with Sjogrens did my dentist work out my loss of teeth and stuff was due to having a dry mouth all the time so my teeth suffered. Not much helps with the pain, but I find taking any tablet with Ibuprofen in it helps. Need to let your dentist know about your condition , if you haven't already done so.

  • Thank you. I have seen my dentist today and it seems I have a crack in my tooth which he will attempt to fill. I do see him very regularly and so far their condition is OK. Last time I had tooth pain on the other side I was told it was neuralgia and prescribed Tegretol.

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