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Neuropathy & treatments

Does anyone else know whether there's any connection with Peripheral Neuropathy.?If so I'd like to know about drug free treatments?


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I too have Periphial Neuropathy from Sjrogens Syndrome I am seeing a Neurologist on Feb 1st to see if he can halt the damage already done to the nerves in my lower limbs and feet. I am not on any medication at present but suffer the normal things associated with Sjrogens, dry mouth, eyes and everything else in the body too. Skin has to be smeared in moisturiser twice a day.

Good luck with everything.


Hello Moisture,

Peripheral Neuropathy was my first symptom of Sjögren’s Syndrome. Following that, I had all sorts of neurological symptoms like loss of balance, fasciculations, gastroparesis, oesophageal dysmotility etc. Dry mouth and dry eyes came significantly later.

Have you had your B12 levels checked? Perhaps regardless of what your levels are you could take some B12 supplements for awhile to see if your PN settles down however I doubt that it will help if this PN is SjS related. I know there is a lot of controversy about the normal parameters for B12 being set too low which makes people try taking supplementation. I took sublingual B12 for a couple of years in the hope it would help and certainly my levels rose very well, however it made no difference to my PN.

Other than that I have no idea. For good or ill I have gone down the Pregabalin route which among other meds keeps things bearable. I have been taking Pregabalin (Lyrica) for about seven years now.


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