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Sjogren's Pain, arthritis, Pilates, core strengthening

Hi, Living with Sjogren's, I have been doing pilates at the physio for many years now, 1-2 x weekly on the spring loaded machines, reformers and trap tables etc, and after 2 months always start to feel stronger, and significantly reduced pain. I feel some muscle soreness directly after a workout - as normal when using muscles, but I overall now have almost no pain, except for overuse eg computer at work use with R arm. This also improves when Im doing pilates. I tend to do it for 8-9 months, then have a 2-3 off. (due to life/busy/boredom) After 2 months I'm getting sore again, as core muscles start to weaken again. definitely recommend it !!

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I find exercise helps tremendously too, for those that are able.


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