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Abou allergy and aspirin

Hi all ladies who have been suffered allergic rhinitis, I am glad to tell you that I seemed found my allergy which was my dietitian told me. She listened to my symptom then said that I looked like allergic to aspirin. She planned my diet and given me the food table to follow . It's really works. Especially the fruit and veges which contains the aspirin. I stopped to eat which veges / fruits contained aspirin then my nose polyps felt much better, non or less sneeze and no problem with breathing.

Before I never know or heard that aspiring would be a problem for nose and breathing.

I know that every body is different, now i know that aspirin is my problem.

I share it with all your caring and great friends , wish you find your allergies and coping well.

Good luck


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Oh that is very good Xiao. Hope you don't find it too hard to stick to this diet and that you continue to feel better.



Hi Magen,

It's hard 😓especially about fruits, I enjoy most of them but now . The diatient also shown me some fruit contains low of aspirin, as long as i have small amount and peel skin off it will be fine.

lossing some eating enjoyment to swap some health feeling is worth. Hope i can stick on to this diet .



I didn't know that there was aspirin in fruit & veggies! Good info. and a very good dietician.


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