Sjorgens and Fibromyalgia?

Can anyone help! Does anyone have both conditions and how do you cope with dry mouth etc also my snoring is getting so loud and waking my poor hubby ? Anyone relate ?

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  • Definitely 😕! I think it gets worse when sinuses are involved. I use a steroid spray and saline nasal spray which help a bit and steam when sinuses play up . I have primary sjogrens and before I started treatment my muscles and joints were v sore . i started on lyrica which has really helped the muscle pain . I also am getting rituximab infusions which has helped the exhaustion and lymph node swelling . How have you been managing ? 🌸🌸

  • I use Biotene mouth spray, Oral7 Mouth wash and Tooth Mousse from the dentist. I read on another site flat hard pillow and weight loss for sleep Apnoeia. I know sleeping on your side may help snoring. Have you used Xylimelts at night or half a piece of chewing gum at the gum line for dry mouth.?

  • I have severe fibro and severe Sjogren's. I've been to;d by specialist my fibro is the worst they have ever seen. I have nasty allergies. Zyrtec really helps. Be sure to avoid decongestants as they will dry you,out weathervance, I have steroid nasal spray. If you are snoring like that I strongly suggest a sleep study. It turned out I have sleep apnea made worse by the dryness. The machine I was using had moisture with, which was lovely. I can no longer use the machine due to,severe pain in my facial skin. Soooo, hubby and I sleep separately as he has restless leg and getting kicked really hurts! It was not an easy decision,but both of us actually sleep better. Biotene makes some helpful products. There is a new lizenge but it is very expensive. F you use candy be sure it is sugar free. Salvia protects the teeth from cavities. You need to see you dentist regularly. Oh, hubby and I have cuddle tIme. He works midnights so we often begin his daytime sleep cuddling and then he goes to his own bed in a few hours. Space 99 is right about weight loss but I am so disabled it is difficult. Excercise, very gradual, helps fibro. Stretching and light weights work the best. If you'd like to know more, I'd be happy to explain the regimen I follow. A scientist/physician soecialueung in Fibro,helped me design it. Before this happened I was very active with weights and martial arts for many years.

  • Thank you so much! I have so much to learn ! Diagnosed last Aug with fibro and still waiting on formal diagnosis for sjorgens but I take artificial saliva spray and little tablets for dry mouth always been bothered with sinus and take beconaise nasal spray as I have rhinitis ! It's a lot to take in x

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