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Hi there! I also have Sjogrens inc lupus, Thyroid Dis, etc

Hi folks!

Im Fey from London England! Didnt see a UK Sjogrens page!

Hey, but you guys have much better weather!!! UK is too cold for me!

My recent post in the lupus page says more about how i came to find these forums!

Australia looks like an awesome country and i soooo want to visit one day!! Think your recent Virgin mobile adverts are hilarious!! ! I know thats got nothing to do with Sjogrens, but hey! LOL just wanted to say that!


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Hi faeryfey

Its great to hear from someone in the UK the weather dose sound very cold over there at the moment, and I am glad that it's you and not me, but mind you it is extermly hot here at the moment.

I am so sorry that you have had a dx of sjogrens as well as Lupus but as you would most likely know that there is not that much different between the two.

Its amazing how we can just keep on collecting AI diseases.

Take care




I'm in County Durham, England with Primary Sjogrens and got a diagnosis of lupus 18 months ago. I had been bobbing along for 18 years with fatigue and dry eyes/mouth etc but since the lupus kicked in It has all kicked off!! I totally agree that there's not much to choose between them and agree with a theory my doc has that they're probably on a spectrum of the same disease, along with a few other AI's. Started getting Rituximab last year and just started a 2nd round so hoping to get back to some sort of normality soon. Can't believe how cold it is but I'm nicely tucked up at home with my gorgeous dog Bob and it could be worse. Poor Bob had a trip to the vets on Monday and has to wear the dreaded lampshade on his head until next Thursday. Poor thing has no spatial awareness and I know you shouldn't laugh at the afflicted but he has been funny! Luckily he's not a big dog and we don't have low shelves with things on them! I looked for a Sjogrens page too and found this instead!


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