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When someone figures out you wear diapers

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Hello all

I hope this is the right form if not please let me know.

I had a friend of mine stop in today. She is a retired nurse. We were talking about stuff not really anything to important when she said she knew I went to the back doctor for a nerve conduction test and asked if I was incontinent and if it was permanent. Then she said wearing diapers must suck. I told her about what was going on and wearing diapers takes some getting used to. I asked her how she knew I was wearing diapers? If it showed ? and if anyone else knew?

She said dont think anyone else knows and she figured it out because of her knowledge of her being a nurse.

She told not to worry no one really is going to care. Real friends are there fpr you not your type of underwear. But she did think I should just tell all my close friends just to get in out of the way.

What do you guys think? How have you guys dealt with this? What would you fo?

5 Replies
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I am housebound. I have not made any special effort to tell anyone who visits me that I am incontinent but I am sure they all know because I do not hide my supplies.

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REAL friends are going to support you and care. But figuring that out isn't always as easy as it seems. Same with family - you will most likely have family members that will be super supportive, and others ... not so much.

It's hard a thing to figure out who to tell and who not to tell. That's why the Simon Foundation for Continence developed a tool to help you figure out who to tell ... and who not to tell. You can download it for free on their website: totellornot.org/

I have personally heard from people who have been wonderfully surprised at the support and love they have received from friends and family ... and others who have been shunned, which breaks my heart when I hear that.

It's a personal decision, that's for sure. And I hope the tool will be of help as you decide who you will share this information with, and who doesn't need to know.

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this is personal and on a need to know basis

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I agree it helps to share with a few of my closest friends to relieve my depression over wearing adult protection.

I am still not able to call these diapers!!! I can’t say those words for myself yet. But it has only been one month of incontinence for me following pelvic prolapse surgery.

I went into a major depression episode for a time! Talking to my doctors and therapists are helping.

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Thank you

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