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In Desperate Need of Supplies


Hello everyone. I recently had to switch jobs due to COVID19. In doing so means switching health insurance. So now I have to switch doctors and medical supply companies. Its going to be at least 5 weeks before my first shipment will be mailed out. I have called local churches and the diaper bank and they told me the primarily only have baby diapers. I was wondering if anyone out there could help me with some diapers, or know where I can turn next, to get me through till my supplies kick back in. I wear the tape tab style briefs in size xxl or XL and can back shipping if need be once I get my first or second paycheck.

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Hi TylerH88! Welcome to our community! I would encourage you to look at our Continence Central website. you may find this list of resources helpful in the meantime while you wait for your supplies to kick back in. It would help to know your whereabouts (county, state) and then I can see what I can find out about your area. Others may be able to also give more input!

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