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How do I respond to a text from my date telling me that he has incontinence?

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I have been dating this guy from awhile now and we are starting to become more serious. However, he frequently leaves very suddenly or cuts our dates off short. We got in a fight about it this past week and after several days of the fight escalating, he texted me this evening and told me that he actually struggles with incontinence and wears protection which is why he needs to leave suddenly sometimes.

I'm shocked and googling everything I can find on this condition now but how should I respond to his text? I feel so bad?

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Hi there are many out there like him just like there are people with sticks/wheelchairs/glasses/hearing aids/and a whole load more and many with inco still manage to live there life it's just something they/he has to facture into there day to day living.

You both need to sit down and discuss it properly if you both want to move on!

What type does he have? and are there better method he can use to make better?

Has he seen a Medical person for help?

There are new ways to help coming along all the time.

But there are many couples/families dealing/living fine with it they just need to make adjustments for it.

It could be far worse his legs could have fallen off and a lot more etc

Just be understanding. If you care about him then understand its not his fault and let him know he doesnt have to leave to take care of his changes if he brings some of his supplies with him in a bag

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Please open the door to a full conversation, in a relaxed and loving environment. I am so glad that he finally let you know why the abrupt endings to dates. This was probably very hard to tell you. If you care, let him know and keep moving forward.

When my incontinence started soon could not hide from my wife.We sit down and discussed it and came to mutual agreement that I needed diapers due to being a diabetic.

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