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Urine incontinence during pregnancy and after child birth

After pregnancy I started having periods of stress continence, at the beginning was almost nothing but after gaining weight it has become an issue I had to manage daily. I have to wear light protectors. I wonder if this will become more an issue with age and/or if this is something that could be reverted loosing weight. Have any of you experience something similar?

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Several recent studies have shown that losing just 5% of your total body weight with a sensible and safe diet program can greatly reduce incontinence symptoms. The weight loss will put less stress on your pelvic floor. Also, you can start pelvic floor exercises and that should help as well.

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Hello! I can agree with incon1982! In your case, when you became slightly incontinent after giving a birth, losing weight most definitely will be of help. I have recently talked to a good friend of mine, who has also gave birth like 7 months ago and she had minor leaking as well. As I'm incontinent for very long time, I'm pretty knowledgeable in this area, so instead of going to the doctor she just asked me for dinner to ask me about it. She was a little overweight, so I told her to drop some weight and train her kegels. She did so and she stopped leaking after 3 months, so apart from losing weight, sorting out your diet for more healthy you should also try doing some kegels exercise as they are really important in maintaining correct bladder control.


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