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I've been a bed wetter my whole life and I've hid it very well until now... I cant afford .. so i told my morher who now wont talj about it nor ger my diapers

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If you are having money troubles, do check with your local food banks and also if you are in the USA, with a United Way agency in your community or county to see if they know of any resources for you to get products. There are also some posts already here that may give you some ideas on how to reduce your costs. I am sorry your family doesn't understand the situation and won't talk about it with you. I hope that you have discussed it with your doctor or healthcare professional, however. If you haven't yet, please do get that conversation started.

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I understand it how tough it must be for you and not finding support in your closest circle - family may be really devastating. I had a bit of a different case, because I was hiding it very well as you did, but I was sure that nobody will notice and I hid it well. I was afraid just as you - of rejection by my family and friends. The worst thing is that you actually got rejected, while I wasn't and actually I was even accepted. It's not such a big deal after all and your parents should understand it, if they doesn't it's only shame on them, not on you. By any means, it's not your fault and you just gotta live like used to not caring about what your parents think. I know it may be hard, but you don't have any other choice left now, do you?

I'm sorry. If you are looking for some reliable and well-priced products, check this site: I have ordered from them many times and can definitely recommend it.

Good luck and don't think of doing anything stupid because of your family opinion, even it matters much for you, which probably does.


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