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It was a surprise to know that 15,000 babies are born yearly in ghana with sickle cell disease and 45,000 in Africa as a whole. Sickle cell disease cant be cured but can by avoided. This is when a person gets to know his or her status and choose the right partner. Here in Ghana, people dont check for their status and most people also dont know what brings about SCD. My parents at that time never knew they both have gynotype AS and this has cause me to be a victim. I've gone through a lot of challenges, i can talk about delay in education and also not being employed by companies even when you qualify for the job all because of this sickness. Now i have taken a dicision to create AWARENESS for Sickle Cell Disease in oder to reduce the rate at which babies are born with SCD in Ghana. I need a helping hand, and here in Ghana there is no privite organization a side Sickle Cell Foundation under operation by gorvement hospital. Please help me to bring into reality my greatest worry. I am a perfect example to take this course. This my email address: Tel: +233 246538004. My Name is James

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how and where can i get your product to buy. i am in Ghana


In the United States at Johns Hopkins Hospital, people get blood exchanges.


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