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Not Happy!!

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Recently been told by haemotologist that my inflammation markers are through the roof, now on top of everything else, I either have RA, Lupus or MCTD. I'm not happy right now. Like I'm not dealing with enough already.

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Ok FBH, r u ok. Yes u have a lot on yr plate and some seem to ve bn damped on it. Are you with family and friends? Do u have their support? I just need you to calm down. You need to stay calm so u cam think calmly and rationally. That is the first step, calm down, get supportive family member or friend - make an appt to go and see haematologist. Tell them u want a second opinion. ❤️🙏🏾

May God be with you! FBH

i would try to change what pains borthers you by foods drnks sleep BEVORE i would rely on haematologists diagnosis !

I'm sorry to hear that, is there anything they can do to make it better? Forgive my ignorance I've never heard of inflammation marker before, kindly educate me. Please take good care of yourself & stay strong Warrior! Big hugs from here.

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