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My oldest son

My son is 30 now was diagnosed with sickle cell trait at a young age he was sick every two months with severe headaches nausea leg pain nose bleeds recently he was in hospital with headache they sent his blood work off they seem to think it is the disease can this be possible his Dad is black I’m white

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Hi vstarr welcome to the forum. I'm sorry to hear about your experience. Can I ask where his blood test was done initially as a child? Secondly, I have met a few mixed race with sickle cell disease. I hope you find answers soon.


Try "bemer terapy" it supports healing helps the blood circulate better and activates the body's own power of self healing, i am 41 years old and i have cickle cell "bemer therapy" is the only thing that helped and worked for me. I have more information in my bio... Check it out!!!


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