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Looking for a GP with knowledge of SCD in Cambridge

I have recently moved from Berkshire to Cambridge and I am looking for a GP with knowledge of SCD in Cambridge. In Berkshire I was referred to the Hematology consultant at the central hospital but that was a bi-annual appointment and the relationship with the GP was next to none. I have no complaints about specialist consultants but a chronic patient needs regular follow up with the GP to avoid any surprises and I could only get an appointment with a GP (a different one most times) for small emergencies like cold, flu, severe cough and so on. For all the rest, I never got past the secretarial staff. I would like it to be different in Cambridge. Any tips as I soon have to register to transfer my whole file here? Thanks.

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Your treatment is standard as GPs aren't specialists so you need to be referred to a consultant to be reviewed bi-annually.

That is the same hospital A&E you need to go to if you have a crisis as they will know how to treat you and shouldn't kill you. Unfortunately as most sickle cell patients are black some nursing staff see people as a threat when they are agitated when in pain so have ended up killing patients.

One tip I've been given to get pass GP secretarial staff is simply to tell them you have sickle cell and have been told to talk to the GP as you have an infection. If they refuse get the name of the individual, then get yourself down to A&E of the hospital where you see the consultant and seek treatment there. Tell the A&E doctor why you have had to go to them giving them the name of the staff member who refused to let you see a GP to get the antibiotics you need for your minor infection. The GP practice will not do that again.

Also it is now normal not to have a named GP in an NHS GP practice. The best you can do is see if you can find a practice who publishes their GP rotas on their website. Found out yourself which doctors you like, and try and see them if possible. However if it's an emergency where you need an appointment today you will not have a choice of who you see.

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Thank you very much. This is an invaluable post! I'll look for the reviews of the medical centres for good service in various levels and take it from there.

As I don't have any family or friends around I wouldn't know about any doctors to be able to select a GP from the MC rota. I'll have to rely on chance once again.


If you work ask colleagues about their GPs. If you live in a houseshare and/or have neighbours ask them about their GP. If you start talking to people you will find people who have all sorts of conditions which means they have to see the GP regularly so they will tell you if the GP practice has issues.

Talking to different people especially women lots of them find male GPs patronising and/or sexist. You won't find this out by online reviews.

In addition having lived in different places the online reviews don't reflect at all how good or bad the actual practice is. For example at the last practice I was with I had to line up to make emergency appointments there as my current practice I can get through on the phone. Yet the only practice there were complaints online about making appointments are about my current practice.

This is because my last practice got any negative online reviews removed stating they were being investigated so couldn't be listed for legal reasons.

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