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I didn't have symptoms until the age of 50 and it included joint and muscle pain which I felt was arthritis, but all tests came back negative and showed some arthritis but not the amount that would result in the amount of pain I was having. The pain lasted for a few months and gradually grew less and less until I had no pain or stiffness. I didn't have another pain until about five or six years later and the pain was in different muscles and joints but not as severe and didn't last as long. My doctor again had me tested again all negative except they showed some inflammation. I finally started researching the trait and saw no evidence until I stumbled on these posts. I'm convinced my symptoms are the result of having the trait. All the literature says that if you have the trait having symptoms are uncommon and it stops there. There should be more research among those of us that have the trait and symptoms, obviously if we're all having symptoms to various degrees we're not all that uncommon!

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