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Say NO to 'Life Expectancy'

Mrs Asiata Onikoyi-Laguda's story (see link below) should inspire and encourage persons living with Sickle Cell Disease (SCD). Don't live your lives with the 'life expectancy' limitations or mentality because it would destroy you. You can live above what medical science has projected for you but if you keep holding on to life expectancy projections, like cowards, you will die many times before your death. Holding on to the some projections that you will die in your 30s or 40s stops you from living out your dreams and puts you into a state of victim mentality. Like the Devil, it is intended to steal your happiness, kill your dreams and even kill you literally, and it will destroy your life. You have a whole lot to achieve and make a difference in society. Take those little but steady steps and you will be amazed at how far you would go. You are all talented and intelligent people and that is for a reason. Please say NO to life expectancy. ‪#‎NoToLifeExpectancy‬


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I live my life, because God told me it worth living for, I have a child, a Degree, a job. I was once told it was unless too carry on, why work, you can't work you can't have kids and so on, I am a single mother because my ex decided it was better to listen to friends and forgo all the Gods Glory, I strive for my son to be a better parent, everyday I am not ill is blessing sent, 😄😄😀 not only do concentrate on living my life for God and my son, I make my iron overload medication taking regularly, if missed I catch up. So stay bless people , never allow -ve information devour your spirit or intellect be +ve and stay strong for yourself



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