IV/Blood Test stories

I want to hear all your blood test/IV stories. The good the bad and the ugly. As we SC-ers have to have bloods taken regularly and cannulas put in when we are hospitalised with a crisis or for blood transfusions.

I've had 9 failed needle attempts in one session because my veins are so thin. I've had blood drawn from the veins in my feet. A couple of days ago I felt the worst pain when a phleb put the needle in but was having difficulty finding a vein, so jiggled it about and hit my nerve. I jumped back in agony and she got so angry with me because it is dangerous to make a sudden move.

I write for a living and want to write more about SC and would love to hear other people's stories. The good, the bad, the ugly.

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  • This is a great idea! Please share your stories!

    What we've found talking to people a lot is that if you're getting blood drawn, it's usually better if it's a nurse rather than a doctor, because they have more experience in doing it--especially when you've got tricky veins!

    Has anyone here found that?

  • I am 27 years old and on Hydroxyurea (1000mg/day) since 2001. Before that I used to walk with canola in my veins for blood transfusions every 2 weeks.

  • Thanks for your reply? I hope you don't mind me asking a few more questions. Did you have to keep a cannula in your veins at all times or was that just when you had crisis/blood transfusions? How often do you have to have blood tests that measure your blood count?

  • Before using the drug I had to go to hospital for blood transfusions and I/V drips every week. I had to get blood tests every month. After I started using hydroxyurea, I get my blood tests one or two times a year.

  • What state has this left your veins in? Are blood tests easy for you? Mine are so small and shrunken that anytime I go for a test it takes 2-3 attempts before they can draw blood. I'm not afraid of needles but very weary of them.

  • Fortunately my veins are in good condition. I never had problems in draining my blood.

    @SCPROj Are you using Hydrea or some other medicine?

  • No, I've been fortunate not to need it as yet. My crisis are super serious but thus far very far apart. Last one was beginning of 2014 and before that I hadn't been sick enough to merit a hospital visit for 18 years. I'm just very curious about the day to day effects/habits of being on Hydrea.

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