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Hi everyone. For the last few years, there hasn't been anyone from the Sickle Cell Society team involved in this forum, but now I'm here.

First of all, let me say that not much is going to change with this forum. You've been moderating yourselves quite well without intervention from the SCS, and I won't take action except where a comment is obviously abusive and/or spam. The only things that will change is that I might occasionally start threads or comment on threads, and I'm going to try to recruit even more people living with sickle cell so we can grow this community!

Anyway, enough housekeeping, I'll introduce myself properly. My name is Zoe Williams and I'm the Communications and Social Media Officer at the Sickle Cell Society. Among other things, my role includes making our newsletters and information leaflets, running our Facebook and Twitter (cheeky plugs: Twitter: @SickleCellUK), managing our website, dealing with the media... etc etc. One of the things I'll probably be talking to you about will be tailoring all these things to better suit you.

I'm part time, I work on Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays, so if I'm quiet, it's probably because I'm not in.

So... hi :)

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So glad to hear from you😀😀Yes, a member of my family(my daughter) has this dreadful illness! I would love to communicate with you. So many questions,so many concerns.


Please feel free to start a thread with any questions, or send me a PM if it's more private!


Firstly, I have to say, we have the same last name! :) Secondly, thank you so much for deciding to moderate :) I have many questions, mostly about Sickle Cell Trait.

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Please feel free to start a thread if you like, or send me a PM if it's more private.


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