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Child with sickle cell

I have a question my daughter is 4 and had sickle cell trait, about every two to three weeks she says that her stomach is hurting. She still eats and plays but all day long she says her stomach is hurting. Later on in the day she throws up everywhere. She does this about 3 times and then after that it stops and her stomach doesn't hurt anymore. Does this have anything to do with her trait. I have the trait but have never had any symptoms. Please help.

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This doesn't sound normal. My 8 yr old and I both have the trait as well and have never experienced any symptoms. This could be related to something else... or the trait. I would definitely get her checked. Request an ultrasound of her kidneys. Renal medullary carcinoma is a rare kidney cancer that is linked to the sickle cell trait. There have been several newly diagnosed cases and in most cases, the individual was misdiagnosed several times by multiple doctor's before being diagnosed. I would share this information with your pediatrician. I wish you all the best.


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