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Sickle cell trait

Hello I am inquiring some information about the sickle cell trait. I am wondering is it possible for a child to have the trait if neither one of their parents have the trait? and if the child does have the trait and neither one of the parents have the trait does that mean one of the parents is not really their parent?

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Hi @Aprilthegodess no it's not possible for a child to have the trait if none of the parents are sickle cell carriers. It's picked from one of the parents if the child has sickle cell trait.


Good morning AprilTheGodess82. Jo19 is correct. However, I have a question. Do you reside in the U.S.? Did you find out about the child having trait through newborn screening? If so, often times it is suggested that the parents get tested to know their trait status. There are over 1000 hemaglobinopathies (S trait, C trait, D trait, E trait, thalassemia, etc). More information is needed, however, the bottom line, with genetics a child can only receive the trait through a parent.


April, the laws of genetics would state that at least one parent would have to have the trait for any children to have the trait. Someone is not being upfront.

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