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Living with Sickle Cell Disease
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Yellow Eyes (Jaundice) in Sickle Cell

I believe at some point in life, many of us warriors will have to deal with this yellow eyes and in my experience, many do not like it either. Is there a way to minimize this? I did a blog post yesterday on my blog joy2endure.com about this.

Some points I listed on minimizing yellow eyes which has been of great help to me are the importance of eating healthy and staying hydrated. What other pratical steps can we take in this regard?

Let's talk about this, warriors.

Thank you.

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"Jaundice, or yellowing of the skin, eyes, and mouth. Jaundice is a common sign and symptom of sickle disease. Sickle cells do not live as long as normal red blood cells and, therefore, they are dying faster than the liver can filter them out. Bilirubin (which causes the yellow color) from these broken down cells builds up in the system causing jaundice." (https://www.hopkinsmedicine.org/healthlibrary/conditions/hematology_and_blood_disorders/sickle_cell_disease_85,P00101)

I found an interesting article on this from a knowledgeable patient.



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