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Living with Sickle Cell Disease
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Looking for a GP with knowledge of SCD in Cambridge

I have recently moved from Berkshire to Cambridge and I am looking for a GP with knowledge of SCD in Cambridge. In Berkshire I was referred to the Hematology consultant at the central hospital but that was a bi-annual appointment and the relationship with the GP was next to none. I have no complaints about specialist consultants but a chronic patient needs regular follow up with the GP to avoid any surprises and I could only get an appointment with a GP (a different one most times) for small emergencies like cold, flu, severe cougihg and so on. For all the rest, I never got past the secretarial staff. I would like it to be different in Cambridge. Any tips as I soon have to register to transfer my whole file here? Thanks.

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Is there some kind of Sickle Cell Foundation in the city where you live? Usually they would have some information of the doctors and hematologists in the area that would be able to assist you.


Thank you for your input. Unfortunately there isn't. That's why I'ma nit lost. I'll keep on looking. Thanks


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