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In CA in isolation due to OVID 19


It is a different feeing hearing over and over in Media that people like us living with cancer are more susceptible obviously but would get the more serious version of this illness and are more likely to die. Is if we don’t have enough to worry about! Wondering how others are handling this additional overlay of vulnerability as we become even more isolated.

Thanks for your comments! Liz

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My view is that the best things i can do are first, stay informed and do what I can to reduce my exposure, second, do what I can to improve and support my current health by doing more exercise (DVD and YouTube routines, cleaning my house) and eating well, and third, stay connected to others via phone and email. Now would be a good time to work on that novel, or craft project, Netflix series, or whatever you can do while staying safe. Worry and stress are inevitable, so managing your fears may be the most important thing you can do. Anyone dealing with cancer gets experience dealing with situations that are beyond your control. Yoga, meditation, prayer - try to up your game. Best wishes to all who are trying to cope! Deb in Colorado

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Thank you!!!

Everyone try and stay healthy out there! Just be sensible. Make sure you have paper towels in bathroom and kitchen to dry hands after washing. We’ve known what to do long before this virus came along so we will stay the course. Carry on sisters!

I live in NY where three counties including mine have the concentration of confirmed cases. My background is in microbiology and what is most concerning me is not necessarily the virulence but how rapid it has spread worldwide. So staying at home and not contributing to its spread is one of the few things I can do to help the situation. If I don't go to work, I don't get paid. But it is giving me time to work in my yard which is something I love and my go to for relieving stress. And it is giving me time to tackle some of the things on my "to do" list that never seem to get done. My each of us find our own sources of peace to help us keep an even keel during these trying times. Best wishes - Gwen

We all have experience in staying " germ free",and I for one usually don't feel too good after chemo and stay home for about a week. I'm in Los Angeles county and we have a mandatory lockdown. I spend my time on the phone on the computer and doing all the projects that I've never had the energy your time to do before. We are strong and remember this too shall pass. Take care everybody and try to find something to smile about

Fear and anxiaty has definitely set in.

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