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C125 rising


In 2017 was diagnosed with ovarian cancer stage 3 with severe carsoma. Had surgery and 8 rounds of carbo/taxol. Was clear 6 months. Had a recurrence in November of 2018. 4 rounds of carbo/taxol. Been on Zuella for 1 year. Had port removed about 2 months ago. C125 went to 27. As of today c125 81. I feel good so not sure what is going on. Had a hernia repair April of 2019. Maybe my mesh is messing up

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My ca125 has also increased.my dr has me being checked for blood work and cat scans every 3mths.i feel fine also.i hope its your mesh.my prayers are with you ❤

Doesnt it feel good to have that port out

I hope we can keep it out of us for a long time

Mama, there have been many reports of mesh hernia repairs causing inflammation and infection. In the US there have been recalls for mesh products. Have you had that looked at?

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Thank you for your reply. Dr has scheduled a ct scan at end of month to check.

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