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I know everyone is not Licensed but I just need help reading my test results I never had before and I was just told yesterday I have a cyst

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I know it’s not anybody that’s licensed but maybe it’s somebody with experience I just feel like they’re not telling me everything I constantly get UTIs I know that my health is not where it was before and I just wanna make sure that if anybody knows how to read them I appreciate getting a little extra knowledge if I’m OK but not OK and I know you’re not licensed to actually tell me that but if you know more than me I would appreciate your help

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Daughter had same issue. I did not see her results but she is only A year and a half out from initial diagnosis of clear cell ovarian cancer. Due to her lab results and blood in the urine they did a CT scan and found a small cyst on her kidney. She was then referred to a nephrologist who assured her that this is very common in females and there was nothing to worry about.You may want to ask your doctor to do an ultrasound. They of course will keep a close eye on the cyst but really don’t think the lab results or the cyst or indicative of anything serious. Hope this eases your mind a bit.

Just wanted to share with you a website that may help you to better understand test results: medlineplus.gov/encyclopedi...

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