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Serendipity situations? What have you had happen?

For me these were the two most significant lucky situations.

* Caught a pumulary embolism low in my lung when the did my cancer CT test. Turns out I had a pe in other lung too. They were able to put in an ivc (inferior vena cava) filter before surgery to prevent a heart attack or stroke.

* While I was in a tcu (temporary care unit) I started feeling unwell. Had a nurse escorted me back to my private room and stay til I used restroom. I passed out and he got help immediately. I had an internal bleed and he saved me. I wasn't near a cord to pull, no roommate to call someone. Lucky he stayed.

How about you? Any "lucky" serendipities?

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ecappiello: I have had nothing BUT serendipitous situations! I have had back problems for many years and used Percocet up to 5x daily. I finally told my pain management doctor that I was tired of taking narcotics and that I wanted an MRI so they could figure out the problem and fix it. That's when they found a mass in my abdomen. I was referred to one of the top 10 surgeons in the country and he did a total abdominal hysterectomy and removed both ovaries. He also removed metastases to my bladder, rectum, and underneath my right diaphragm (for some reason low grade serous likes to migrate there). The first oncologist I went to said I didn't need chemo but when I asked her what my chances of recurrence were, she said "I don't know. I've never dealt with this type of cancer before." Strike out! I then was lucky enough to find Dr. Palchak in Pismo Beach, CA. He is one of only three private practices permitted to join the National Cancer Institute Community Oncology Research Program in the state of California. Many oncology practices are associated with hospitals and receive their medications at a discount while charging their patients full price. Dr. Palchak finds this to be unethical so keeps his private practice. After 6 months of chemotherapy, my CA-125 is 7, my CT scan was clear and I was declared to be clinically free of cancer! I now take Tamoxifen 20 mg daily. I ask myself: what if I was the type of person that is content to take pain pills? I wouldn't have had that MRI and I wouldn't have been diagnosed. How did I happen to get two of the best doctors in the state? I really feel like someone, somewhere is looking out for me. All I have to do is listen!


Wow! It is frightening to realize what the consequences could have been. Those of us with other medical problems know that other things can be missed, but I did not expect it to be ovarian cancer for me either.

Glad you were asking questions, and able to advocate for yourself. I wish you continued clear sailing and serendipities for you always!


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