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Caring for my mum

My name's Demi 23years of age, And recently my mum was told she had stage 4 cancer in her womb the mass was 9cm and shaddows on liver. My mums 43 shes had 3-4 chemos and had a follow up with doctor had a scan done to check the cancer is working her mass in her womb was 9cm and now 6cm and the shadows are shriking too. 2more chemos and another follow up and scan. About 2years ago my dad left my mum and it broke my mums heart they had been together 25years. My dad only lives round the corner from us. Hes been supportive through it all even goes to hosptial with mum when she needs chemo or to see doctor. I dont no how im feeling inside knowing my mum might die i try and not think about it. Trying too be stronge for my mum i look after her shes my best friend my soul mate my left leg. Mum tells me i hate too put this on you shouldnt be looking after me, I tell her dont be silly if i didnt want to be here or look after u id tell you

Your my mother id put you first all the time id rather look after u then have a life. Didnt really have one. Doctors told my mum couple of years? That she would live. I get so anygry emoitional scared i try and be stronge everyday breaks my heart knowing my mum wont see her grandkids grow up. What i dont understand is if the chemos working and getting rid of the cancer and have surgry. Why tell my mum a couple of years? What is a couple of years. Dont wont my mum to die life wouldnt be worth living without her in my life. Question in my head * Why my Mum? Seeing someone after chemo and not being able to take the pain away is heart breaking. Strong affects frm chemo mum hasnt been Well. Feeling sick. shivring cold and her side where her kidney is giving her pain.

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Hi there, I totally feel what you're going through. There are so many awful things about their situation and when you're in the midst of these emotions, you feel like there's no time. However, your mum will feel better after the chemo :)I'm not good with words but I just want to know you're not alone. This forum is so great for any medical questions and support and advice, I've learned more here than I have from the hospital!

Sending a big hug xx

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I am so sorry you and your mother are having to go down this journey, but as someone who has lived with ovarian cancer I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for being there for her.

The second thing I wanted to say is that none of us has a crystal ball, I'll share what my father told me when I was diagnosed with stage 3C 12 years ago and thought I had a 17-20% chance of living 5 years. He reminded me that people aren't statistics. I was going to go into remission, be cured, or whatever (aka not be here anymore) independent of what 1000 cases show. Another way of putting that is I was either going to be here or not in 5 years, Not 17% alive and 83% dead. I'm still here 12 years later even though I had a late stage diagnosis. I have a friend who was stage 4 that is here more than 20 years after her diagnosis.

Best wishes to you and your Mum.


So beautifully put!


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