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Boarderline cyst

Good evening ,

Has anyone had a boarderline cyst? I had a can aweek ago... and call my gp yesterday and they receptionist advised they where back and my doctor had looked at it . She said the doctor had noted it was boarderline and she would discuss at an Appoitment... the sonographer had already advised me it was 7cm... is this something too be worried about? Google is a bad thing too look at but can not help it ..thank you

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Don't panic! The best thing has happened and you found it before it's a more serious problem! That's great! If you can get to a Gynechological Oncologist (specialist) That would be great because they are the best experts and research tells us getting help from them leads to better outcomes. Other great news is that there is a excellent prognosis for most with this and we know a lot more about them than we did 10 years ago! I'm one of the rare cases that turned into a more complicated story, but I'm still doing well! Your doctor will help you understand what y'all need to do now and then the long term plan of what to watch out for because we do have to pay attention to our bodies always. Ask a lot of questions and ask for some reference journal articles if you are interested too. You will probably learn terms like LMP, low-grade, epiphilial, serous, etc. and make sure you understand what they mean. Sending you love and hope this was a bit helpful! I remember being clueless 9 years ago!


Hi. Yes I too had bordeline ovarian cysts 3 years ago. Here is how my gynecological oncologist explained it. Think of them as cysts that are on the fence. They are not normal, however they have not made the complete switch to malignant. They are staged exactly the same way. I would guess you will be referred to a oncologist, hopefully a gynecological oncologist. But as the previous post said, be happy they have been found now. And even more so when they were borderline or low malignant potential (LMP). I would think they would remove the cyst, depending on what they find on your ultrasound, CA125, and during surgery will determine your course of treatment after. But I would say you are so very fortunate to have found them now! If anything take comfort in that. I know it is frightening whenever anything shows up on a scan. Just know that we are here for you if you have any questions or need to talk. I will have you in my thoughts!


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