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Mom Age 80 with Ovarian Cancer Satge 4

May 2016 my 80yr mom was diagnoised with stage 4 ovarian cancer. She is an active healthy till this happened. Her belly was extended which brought her in for her diagnosis. She has had four procedures to remove the fluid. She has had chemo and continues to. For the first four months her tumor was shrinking but after her last scan we learned one was growing. She has her last fluid removal and at that time they told her their was no fluid. She is in misreable pain Nd her belly once again is extended. She is most comfortable laying down. Can not see a surgeon until Jan 6th. Mom is misreable and i am grieving as i am the only child left or family member to help her. Does anyone know what this is or whats going on that i could help her? Has you or a family member been thru this? Im up for the truth. Im tired of doctors guessing or playing it off like its nothing.

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The surgeon will let you know if the can operate. If not, they should be able to regularly remove the fluid. There are also pain meds which could help.

Sorry you and your Mom are going through this difficult time. It's an awful disease. No one really knows what will happen, every situation is different. I'm sure your Mom sees how much you care and that you are doing all you can.

Keep in touch with us,

Deb P


I had a full hysterectomy. .. my tummy was bloated.. have you tried ice packs on her tummy just to help ease any pain ? I'm sorry for what you and your mom are going through..


Is this a gyno/onc surgeon that she is seeing? Please write down any and all questions that you and your mom may have about this disease(even the ugly questions).

See if Palliative care is also in order to help with the discomfort of the disease. If so he/she will be able to answer so many of your questions.

The Acites (fluid) often times clears up with Chemo.

Only having had to deal with this disease @ 3c for just under a year, my personal experience is very limited but I have tried to learn as much as I can about this disease... and have come to dislike the expression "that everyone is different" and hate to admit the truth in that.. I currently have come to accept that this disease is complex and morphs differently in everyone.


Fluid build up is normal but of course not good - I would wait to see what the Doc has to say - have you heard anything yet?


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