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Scan results are in!!


First of all I want to thank each and everyone who sent a prayer for me. I had my scan at 7 am today, I called and got my results,my doc said my results where better than he expected and I was still NED! God is good! I feel so good, I have cried but only tears of joy! I will have shots next week and he should go in more detail about scan. 😙😙😙

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Amen! Enjoy and celebrate your fabulous news ❤️

Such good news, I’m so happy for you!

Sending ♥️

Wonderful news and boy you are so lucky you get your results so quickly. I am envious of you. Tears of joy are good for the soul. Enjoy your great news. Take care.


Congratulations what wonderful news!!

Wonderful. God still showers us with blessings. Thanks for sharing your news. It helps to give hope.

So happy for you, that is such great news.

Hope it continues for many years.


Congratulations to you.

YEAH ! :)

How cool is that!!

Barb xx

Congratulations!! Celebrate!

Woohoo!!! That’s such great news. Congrats and here’s to more clean scans!!!


That’s wonderful news. My god bless you and all of us with continued good news.

Thank you for sharing your good news. It gives us all hope. And congratulations

Congratulations! Wonderful news! ❤️❤️❤️

Congrats 🎉 to you. Good scans rock!

YEA! I prayed for you and am so happy to hear that.

May your health continue improving,so encouraging for all of of luck, God bless!

FANTASTIC!!!! Continue whatever you have been doing and we will continue to pray!

Omg! Such wonerful news. Continued blessings for more good scans for years!

Yes!! Nothing better than scans being over and good news so quickly! So happy for you! I had same experience last week! And I also had my results within hours if tests! A blessing!!!

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Great news for you. Enjoy!


So glad to read your wonderful news!!


That is wonderful news! God is good! :)

Sister/warrior, and yesssssssssss over-comer God is not only good, but Awe-mazing. Live your life and celebrate, This is a win for you, and your loved ones. Happy Valentines Day to you, your family, and all of our sisters/warriors/over-comers. God's praise will be in my mouth, and heart Amen . XoXoXo

So glad the Ibrance is working for you. Praise the Lord. You are blessed and have alot of people praying for you 🙏🙏❤❤

Wonderful new! 🙌

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Thank you

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