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CA 27 29 fluctuating


Hi all. Fairly new here. Bone mets found in April. CA 27 29 began to increase last August so CT scans were done every 3 months until spine lesion showed up. Highest was 137. Started Faslodex and Ibrance in July. ANC dropped to 0.3. Had to take 3 weeks off to recover. Last months CA 27 29 dropped to 113. Started the 100 mg Ibrance about 3 weeks ago, but last weeks CA 27 29 was up to 123. Are fluctuations to be expected or was it due to 3 weeks off?

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I’m not sure what all your abbreviations mean. On Ibrance my neutrophils drop to 0.3 and take 3 weeks to come back up so I am now in 100mg to see how that does. Platelets and neutrophils drop each month for me, which is why there is supposed to be a week off but I ha ve never had just one week wait. I have bone Mets to left hip (it’s being replaced soon, yay) skull, neck, spine, right hip and arm. I had some improvement my first ct scan it is has been holding its own since then.

Sounds like great question for your oncologist but I’ve seen many comments on this site that tumor marker fluctuations are fairly common and the PET/CT scans are the most important read of cancer status.

I hope you find a better explanation, dodasso! Prayers to you. XO

Linda in Seattle

Good question. I've been living with mbc for over 14 years and one of the things my onc told me early on is that tumor markers are "not precise." They also are not reliable for all of us. Some oncs don't use them at all, some use them alot and some only use them for those of us with bone mets, which can be more difficult to keep track of because healing bone mets and progressing bone mets can look similar on scans. A change of ten points can mean nothing. I had a long period of stability (but on meds) during which the CA229 bounced around between 35 and 60. And things besides cancer can make them rise, which doesn't help. Most oncs would not change treatment based only on TMs. My onc has assured me that what's most important is how I am feeling, with scans second and TMs a distant third. I hope you will do well. Some of us with only bone mets do live for a long time.

dodasso in reply to PJBinMI

Thanks so much

Clair19 in reply to dodasso

Who knows why they really go up. All I know is my oncologist goes by scans and how I look and feel and any symptoms. An index is just that, it’s a tool but used mostly I think because it’s there and they must show they are using all and everything they can. Just my opinion.

Here's are 2 articles that my help:



dodasso in reply to JoyBe

Thank you will check these out.

My scan was the best it’s ever been but 2729 up to 510. I have from my resection in my breast like infection from scar tissue. That increases index, sinus, shedding of tissue index can rise. They are not reliable and I hate they do them. I’m not a fan.

My ca 27.29 has fluctuated as much as 21 points in a month before! Then dropped back down! Don’t worry unless it goes up for several months in a row! Easy for me to say I know.

dodasso in reply to lisafromatx

Thank you. Just early in treatment and not comfortable with my new normal yet. Maybe ai will never be comfortable, but I will be optimistic.

I personally feel that having a more positive than negative attitude is best...and after 2 1/2 years with MBC I still am not comfortable with my new normal. Hang in there!

Clair19 in reply to lisafromatx

I don’t like the new normal saying, nothing is normal! I wish they would have never put that crap in those commercials. I know they are trying to sell a drug, well I’m not and it’s stupid and makes no since. Sorry just my feeling, I know the drug does great for people who can take it and that’s what counts....

lisafromatx in reply to Clair19

Amen! I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy. But we are strapped in for the ride and can’t stop!

Yes stage 2 was a cakewalk! Of course I was younger but still had surgery, radiation treatments and meds. This is pretty hard most of the time.

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