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Does anyone have arthritis? I mean I can’t tell if it’s cancer hurting or darn arthritis? I know this sounds crazy but I read that most cancer in certain areas doses not hurt. I got my Pet scan out and started reading, Big mistake! Just makes me worry more. My left shoulder started killing me and popping when I move a certain way. Well my scan which I missed said I have cancer in both my humorous bones! How did I miss that? But I have osto also, so now I’m convicted it’s the cancer. Do most of you with bone Mets ask for radiation or oncologist bring it up? I’m taking for pain relief only, as I don’t think it will help that much for cancer. Thanks!!

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Hi clair19. I have painin both knees and when I bring it up to my doctor she says it most likely is arthritis, so I am leaving it alone. As always, discuss it all with your doctor. I know it’s almost impossible not to freak out about every pain or anything that comes up!!!!

Hi, Clair,

When I got my MBC diagnosis in November, mets showed up in spine and pelvic bone. I was actually scheduled for radiology prior to the start of my Ibrance/letrozole combo. I think the radiology is recommended when tumors are larger or concentrated in one area. That could be why your onc opted for oral meds only. But it is certainly worth bringing up if you are starting to experience pain in your shoulder. By greatly reducing the tumor sizes, the radiology definitely reduced my back pain. Good luck and God bless you, Clair! XO Linda

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Hey Linda,my lesions are smaller largest 1.7cm at last scan. That was in lung. There was nothing on pet scan that said size of spine lesions. The only bones are spine and humorous, but no size again on scan. They only gave size of lung lesions and liver at 4mm. I’m not going to complain about mine as they seem small compared to some. I’m glad you’re doing better. No he has never mentioned radiation. I had tons when first diagnosed 17 years ago. That is what the radiologist though was scar tissue in lung because he said the shape didn’t look like Mets. So the oncologist is telling me all in lung doesn’t mean cancer. I know the fluid came back cancer. So I don’t know. Thanks for responding.

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Hi again, Clair.

Your prior radiation probably explains it. But I'd still just ask whether radiation might be helpful to your arm bones. I'm assuming you are taking a monthly injection to stabilize bones?

Hope you are feeling better soon! XO Linda

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Hey, no nothing for bones because my Calcium level is great, plus I’m allergic to bone infusion medicine. I tried them and I got so sick I couldn’t stand. So I will just take pain medicine if I really need it. Thanks for writing me.

I had arthritis in a wrist that I damaged in the past. I have "extensive" bone mets and have for the 14 plus years since I was diagnosed. I have never had pain from the bone mets. I don't know how common pain is with bone mets but all the bone/joint pain I have had have either been from meds or from damage to soft tissue or a herniated disc. Ironically, I have had to have two back surgeries in an area with mets but not due to the mets and those lesions have not complicated the surgery anyplace but in my head! I think both location and size of bone mets are related to pain but it really is something to chat with your doctor about. As we age, alot of people have joint pain just due to wear and tear! But when we have this lousy blasted cancer, we interpret every bodily problem thru the cancer lens. Even without taking this cancer into consideration, my health is sure alot different at 72 than it was at 57 when I was diagnosed! I don't know how my grandmother made it to 101!

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I know my Mom died at 55 Grandmother 98. Mom had breast cancer too. I’m 63 and afraid to say there is no pain from mets, because then I will. No really I know I have osteoarthritis and that’s causing some pain. I was told I also have RA, so I don’t know. Yes this disease is so radical and life is crazy. I never get a break from it as it’s always on my mind, no matter what I’m doing. I just found out last year it came back after 17. I remember you saying yours came back after a long time. I feel lucky and cursed at the same time. Some women go a year and it comes back or right off they are diagnosed with stage 4. I hope you feel better and as we fight this together. Clair

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Out of curiosity, PJB, what has been your treatment protocol since you were first diagnosed with mets 14 years ago? Would be interesting to know how long certain treatments worked and when, and if, you switched to new meds?

Who doesn’t have arthritis! Yep me too

i definitely have inflammation and joint pain on xeloda. i'm super active, so i'm not sure if it is just getting old or cancer. it goes away with advil, so i'm pretty sure it is just age and creaky knees... don't read. go make a cake. let your doctor read the scans and interpret. it really is not worth the stress...

Last December I had incredible hip pain and was sure cancer had spread but ct said it was arthritis. I’ve been put on a low dose of gabapentin and it has worked wonders.

I think this treatment, and most estrogen blockers, make arthritis much worse. When I’ve had to take breaks in treatment, I always feel so much better.

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