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Shoulder Pain


I have excruciating pain in my left shoulder since I started Letrizole 4 weeks ago. It's in the muscle, not joint. Pain killers and heating pad don't help. Is this a normal side effect? Desperate for some relief from the pain. My doctor said pain caused by Letrizole is in the joints not muscles. My life has gone downhill since I started this treatment. Anyone else have muscle pain?

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I’m sorry to hear you are in such pain. No fun at all. So, did your oncologist suggest anything for the “muscle” pain? I don’t remember that being an issue at all. Bad joint pain in my hips/knees/ankles after 18 months on Letrozole but not shoulder or any muscle involvement at all.

When I think of shoulder pain-I think heart.

I would go to my primary care doc and see what they say about the shoulder. It’s hard to not think your oncologist can or will help with all of our aches and pains.

I learned this the hard way recently when I had a terrible jaw infection on the side of my lower mandible that no longer has any sense of feeling due to bone Mets there and radiation. Jaw didn’t hurt until my jaw had a heartbeat lol

Called oncologist and they told me to call the dentist!?!

Of course they were right to do so as it was dental related-not cancer at all.

Best of Luck to you getting to the source or this muscle issue

Hi, sorry to hear of your pain . See

my post on another thread. I believe muscle can definitely be involved too. (Estrogen is used throughout our bodies!) I knew women who were ok on drugs I couldn't tolerate, and vice versa. Ask if you can switch!

See: Knee, foot and joint pain on Ibrance, Faslodex and Xgeva

Hello, Grandmother of 10? If so, you are truly blessed!! In any event, my pain is typically in the joints, so haven't heard of the muscles being affected. I wonder if oncologist might recommend a muscle relaxant? So sorry for your pain and wish you luck in resolving this! God bless you! Linda in Seattle

I have been having the same problem. I am on Ibrance and Letrozole. Went to an orthopedic he thought rotator cuff. Received a shot of cortisone and I am also doing acupuncture. A little better.Heating pad and essential oils. He said it could take a week or so. If not better, a mri is next. Let m e know what you will do.

I've had the same shoulder pain for months! I am on the same meds as well. I had an x-ray and it was normal. I was sent to a PT and began physical therapy. It's helped a little, but I'm going to ask again at my appointment at the end of the month.

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Thank you for sharing. I don't feel so alone now. The pain is diminishing. I've been off Ibrance for 3 days. Curious to see if it flares up again when I resume it.

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