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In August 2015 I was hospitalized what is a tumor and a hairline fracture to my right femur. Learned that I had 4th stage Breast Cancer that had metastasized to my hip. I have a nine inch nail holding my femur stable and I've been under going treatment with fulvestrant injections and Zometa I V going on 35 months with no problems but in the last 4 weeks my knee and hip are starting bother me again!! Next week I have my monthly oncology appointment and my 6-month appointment with a surgent. It's very possible they're adding the ibrance because just the injections are not working as well anymore I'm worried

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Please try not to worry. Maybe your doctor will put you on Ibrance or verzenio. Just trust your doctor. They have so many new meds. They will find one for you I am sure.

Hello, Villazon! So sorry for this new worry. Just take comfort in the fact that new drugs are being researched and offered as the years go by, as the search for a "cure" continues. Currently, Ibrance seems to be considered somewhat of a miracle drug, so consider yourself lucky that you are hormone receptive. You are in my thoughts and prayers, and I hope that your appointment next week provides great results! XO, Linda

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