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Modified Citrus Pectin

I read that modified citrus pectin (MCP) is used in breast cancer therapy to reduce tumor growth and prevent metastasis. Has anyone tried this supplement? Is there a way for the body to absorb citrus pectin naturally from fruit and berries?

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I tried as a supplement although not consistently. It was several months ago. I did it 30 days in November. Received my dx for stage 4 im January. I didn’t have any side effects. Can’t say I saw a benefit but I don’t blame it either!


Thanks for the response Snowcone16. I read some interesting articles on this supplement but my onc says just eat a balanced diet. I guess I’m looking for the silver bullet. I was diagnosed in January as well and was a basket case for six weeks. I received three different treatment plans from three different Cancer Centers. Decided on targeted therepy at Mass General Hospital in Boston...on Ibrance and Letrozole...just finished first month.


I look back at those first few weeks after “the call”. It felt pretty dark. I’m relieved to be in a better, more positive place now.

My first response was ordering like 30 different supplements from amazon...wasn’t sustainable mentally for me though. I did MSM, dmso, iodine, C, D, green tea, turmeric, spirulina, dandelion. I still take about 15 per day. Mostly C, D, calcium, turmeric and green tea. I’ve been juicing daily so I cut back on wheatgrass and spirulina.

I am taking folsadex, xgeva, Ibrance and letrozole. ❤️


Can you take MCP when in Ibrance? They say no Grapefruit and MCP is all kinds of citrus. I’m not sure I should stay if I being put on Ibrance and Letrozole.

How has your last 6 month gone on that medication? It’s teally the only standard protocol the have for MBC right now so I’m looking to add natural protocols like MCP to help with a synergistic approach. I’d love to hear how your doing so far and what else your taking or doing. Thank you !!

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