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For HER2+ MBC, or if you know of someone with that Dx

Ethnographic Research Inc. is conducting a study of people living with advanced HER2+ breast cancer. They want to ask us about our daily impacts, treatment routines, challenges and triumphs, in order to help their sponsor better understand what we face. Participation is easy and involves keeping a video diary and one in-home visit. You will be able to keep the camera and will also receive $600.

Their study sponsor is a biopharmaceutical company with a drug for HER2+ MBC in a Phase III clinical trial.

For additional information, contact Shalonda at 816-931-7772 or shalonda@ethnographic-research.com

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Sounds very interesting...Since I'm only 46 living with Stage 4 I'm very interested in all new meds coming down the pike...


The pharmaceutical company is MacroGenics. They are conducting a Phase III clinical trial of margetumixmab. SOPHIA started in 2015 for MBC patients. It compares the drug plus chemotherapy vs Herceptin plus chemotherapy in third-line patients.



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