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Hi all,

I'm currently on my husband's medical insurance policy from his work. I've been on medical leave from work for over two years and I'm receiving Social Security benefits. I just received in the mail my eligibility for Medicare. According to the Medicare information, I can use Medicare Part A as my primary insurance while still remain on my husband's plan. I'm just afraid that I my bills will get lost in the bureaucracy of accounts payable.

Do any of you have experience being on both Medicare and a partner or spouse's medical insurance? Any advice on what to do?

Thanks! Annie

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  • Hi Annienny, I am on Medicare part A and B plus another insurance from my employer before I became disabled. You should have both A and B as well. Medicare is my primary insurance and the other is my secondary. I ALWAYS MAKE sure the people at hospital or doctors know which is primary. Once you have established who is primary there really isn't much of a problem. On the few occasions that it has gotten messed up, one phone call and a couple of questions clear it up. It is very clear in the Medicare book as to when they are primary. Hope this helps.

  • Anneinny also when your bills get submitted the one that is secondary will usually call your primary if they are billed first.

  • Thank you so much for the helpful information!! Very much appreciated :-)

  • Good questions! I was on my husband's insurance when I was diagnosed with mbc and when I became Medicare eligible, his insurance required that I go on Medicare and that it be primary. I had just Medicare A and it worked well. No problems with coordination of benefits, and also made a point of telling providers that Medicare was primary. We have a quirky situation where my husband's insurance would only continue for him until he became Medicare eligible at age 65. But my last employer's med insurance would cover him once he became Medicare eligible. So we have both had full coverage without interruption. For those without employer provided medical insurance, I have heard positive things about supplemental coverage thru AARP. And for those of us with cancer, when we have a choice about levels of coverage, it is worth it to get the "Cadillac" coverage! More as monthly premiums but co pays and deductibles are lower and make it worth the extra up front cost.

  • Thank you! This is helpful to be aware husband and I are 37 and 38 so he won't be Medicare-eligible for some time but this is good to know in case we run into a similar situation.

  • Not at this time. I get my husbands insurance. In December I will get other insurance from dis

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