update 1/30/2017

Update since yesterday. Got me latest scans and labs back an doesn't look good. My cancer in my liver has consumed my entire liver, lung got larger..which means the Exemestane and ibrance has done nothing, no progress. I am now turned over to Hospice car and where I will spend my last weeks. months, etc. No telling how this is going to play out. Also scared to literally death.

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  • So sorry to hear this. Hoping and praying that you find peace with your decision of entering Hospice. I can only imagine how difficult of a time it is for you and your family.


  • I am so sorry to hear this. A dear friend of mine was just given the exact same prognosis in November. She was my battle buddy, now I continue to battle without her. Know that I am praying for you and for your family. Miracles happen every day, but hoping that you can find peace, as she did, as you move into this phase. May God be with all of us as we continue to fight.

  • I am so sad with you. May you feel leace, love and strentgh.

  • Have you gotten second opinions?

  • I had second and third opinion s but all came back to liver is too far gone and even transplanted is not option cause cancer will attack new liver

  • I'm so sorry to hear this. I wish I knew what to say to comfort you.

  • Very sorry to hear. Is there another combo that they can try. Have you looked into trials out there? Hugs and prayers to you.

  • I'm so very very sorry!! I just had three chemistry yesterday

    Mets to lungs!!

    Had brain cancer brain surgery in July that all looks good!!

    Now scans on Feb 21 to see if chemo working!!

    My oncologist said go live life day to day

    Be around people you love!!

    Treatment rest my life!!

    I'm so upset!! Ta so hard to live a happy life with death at your


    Let God guide u is all l know to do !!

    We as humans do our best and in this time we don't know what best is!!

    All we know we wants live!!

    I'm 56 got 5 year old grand daughter one daughter I'm in Mississippi

    They in NC !!

    I want to be here for them!!

    I feel like I'm just falling off earth !!

    But we need to regroup and let our doctor s..God..And friends be here for us!! God bless you!! My heart to you from Mississippi..

    God bless💗💗

  • May you find peace in your new surroundings So sorry to hear this news Remember we are here for you Please continue to post and we will respond we are a community of caring women

  • I'm so sorry for your recent news, don't be afraid trust in the Lord ask him to help you through,don't wait for it to consume you go out and do the things you enjoy!!

  • Sending prayers! I would be scared too. Cling to your family and your God at this time for guidance.

    -Sending love and prayers


  • Sorry to hear this. Praying for you.

  • Sister/Warrior as long as there is breath in your body God has the ability to work a miracle. I am one of Gods miracles. Don't give up fight.An oncologist with 38 years experience said I would be dead 9 years ago.Surprise, surprise, surprise I am still here, with no evidence of disease in my body communicating with you. Stay strong. God bless you and your loved ones .

  • So true God can do miracles. Try cannabis oil and other natural things just don't give up,

  • You are more brave than I am if you are going to Hospice, If I knew when my body going to die,and my spirit will go to God, My time would be at a beautiful ocean or Mountain top to see the last sunrise or sunset, and not hook up to machines,hearing beep beepbeep.for the last breath of air,and your heart stops, that is straight nerve-wracking.

    Just know Jesus is on the other side,waiting for you.

    I am terminal also,


  • If you believe in God, death should not be as bad for you as those of your loved ones who will miss you. You have a broken heart now I'm sure but it will be at peace soon, and who's to say that soon isn't a long time. Spend this time with those you cherish so you can tell them how much you love them. I pray for you as I do all my mets sisters. You are loved and thought of, God bless you. It's ok to be scared. Allow yourself to grieve.

  • I have come full circle on the dying as far as being scared. I just don't want to be in excruciating pain or see my family see me writhing traumatically. I want to be as peaceful as possible. In my sleep would be ideal (Yeah right)

  • As others have said, so sorry to hear this. We have just lost our 44 yearold neice on 31st January. It was the mets on her liver that took her away. She had her faith in God, as we do, and although we prayed for healing it was not for her. She was so brave and never complained during the two and a half years since diagnoses. My wife nursed her for the last six months and we thank the Lord that she was taken peacefully at the end with her sister, brother and children at her bedside which was the way she wanted to go.

    It's so sad, but we'll meet again one day.

    My heart goes out to you and will pray for you.

    May The Lord be with you.


  • Sending mega daily prayers, mega daily positive thoughts, and yes mega daily hugs...(hold a pillow & when it hurts hold the pillow tighter & know I'm sending hugs)....always here for you to talk, vent, cry, hopefully laugh from you talking of your memories & such....

  • Absolutely heartbroken for you. I cannot profess to even begin somewhere. We have all been given a serving of the worst and try to make the best of it. We trudge on changing our paths and hope for the best. We hope there will be a drug to keep these malignant cells at bay while we regroup to live as much as we can for our family. We get more time when each cocktail works in our paths giving us just 1/4, a 1/2 more time than we began with. I hope that within you're time with hospice they keep you comfortable and you get some quality time with those closest to you. Or that you have defiantly had some quality time up to now. I say quality cause I know how hard it is to maintain and do things we could do before all this crap. Know that you are loved and deserve to rest after all this time and everything you have endured. I can only hope and pray we all go to a better place after all this.

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