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Can chemo toenails return after 5 years?

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I know I mentioned a long while back about the chemo and my toenails. I'm coming up on my 5 year post chemo. My nails were looking almost normal until just this past week. Now it's white halfway down the nail again and my toes are back to hurting. It's only the big toes. Has anyone had theirs come back like this?

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I am nearly 3 years post chemo has awfully painful big toes and the nail went went and eventually fell off. They grew back and all was well but a couple of months ago it all started again, nails getting whiter by the day and the pain is really bad especially at end of the day

Then at least I'm not crazy. Mine never fell off. I can deal with how they look. It's the soreness I can do without. I thought I was in the home stretch. Just puzzled why it's back. I have feet like Fred Flintstone to begin with, and now I feel like none of my shoes are big enough.

I'm wondering if the big toe pain could be neuropathy from the chemo. I'm about 10 months post-ACT and I still have neuropathy, especially big toe aches. Taking the nerve blocker gabapentin takes the edge off but my oncologist says I will probably have the neuropathy the rest of my life.

Oh yes, I do have the neuropathy pain but this is different. More like a really bad stubbed toe.

That's what my bug toe feels like! I used to check it for bruising or swelling it hurt so bad. I assumed it was part of the neuropathy, just presenting different in the toes than the soles of the feet. Again, gabapentin helps.

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