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Sheltering in Place in NYC


This can be a very overwhelming time for many, especially those already feeling isolated due to diagnosis. Please know you’re not alone, I’m always happy to listen as are the volunteers on SHARE’s helpline.

I’m spending my time working from home during regular work hours, cooking more when I “get home” from work & enjoying time with my daughter and out two cats. I’m also trying to get out for walks each day, weather permitting of course and doing my best to workout from home. Keeping a regular schedule certainly helps.

How are you managing these uncertain times?

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Hi Vicky,

I hope you are doing well. I can’t stand this isolation. But I am trying to keep as busy as possible. Luckily, because I am only taking Faslodex I am not immuno compromised, which allows me to take a walk or go for a quick trip to the bank or grocery store. I’ve also been reading a ton of great books I bought from Amazon. Unfortunately, I’m also sleeping from the afternoon until the next morning on occasion.

I’ve had to turn off the news except for when my mayor or governor speaks. They have been doing a great job in keeping people of MA feel safe and to help out with any issues that may arise. The rest of the news is too much for me to watch. So much confusion. I have volunteered for a group here in Boston called Mutual Aid that allows isolated people to call a coordinator if they need anything at the grocery or pharmacy and it is then passed to the volunteers to shop and deliver it to them. I am also an Ambassador working on a website here on HealthUnlocked that specializes in helping people deal with COVID-19 issues and try to come up with activities we can do or discuss online..

I do miss socializing with people. I hope all those who are immuno compromised are staying in as much as possible and I truly am sorry if anyone has gotten the virus. Please stay safe and wishing New Yorkers lots of love and hope, as I know you have been hit hard.



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Lisa, that's great that you're able to help so much. I'm glad that your treatment is not suppressing your immune system. I signed up to volunteer as a counselor and healer for health care providers.

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That’s great Vicky!! You are a great listener and counselor and I’m glad you are using your skills!!

I'm cooking a lot, too. Found my recipe for "Red Flannel Hash, to use up leftover corned beef from St. Patrick's Day. I chopped up the beet leaves and stems and steamed them for added veggies. Yummy! Also had a surplus of Clementines, so I adapted a recipe for Pineapple Upside-Down Cupcakes and made it with Clementines, instead! The thin-sliced skins are a bit chewy, but the extra tartness is delicious!

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Sounds amazing!

Hi Vicky!

I want to first and foremost say a hearty THANK YOU for sheltering in place!! I live upstate and am so disheartened by the amount of "weekenders" that are traveling back and forth from the city and picking our grocery stores clean. The last time I was in a supermarket was about 3 weeks ago and I had a woman behind me on the check out line that was complaining that she had to travel upstate to get groceries. I have just started the hard immuno suppressive chemo, so I don't go anywhere except my doctor appointments. I think it's great for the people that have weekend houses up here and love spending time in the beautiful Hudson Valley, but I wish they would pick a house...up here or down there, makes no difference....JUST STAY HOME! My cancer care team is about an hour south from my home at the Dyson center in Poughkeepsie. Last weekend they moved the entire oncology department further north to another hospital because of the growing number of cases downstate and the hospitals overflowing with COVID -19 cases. May God bless them all, from the office staff to the medical staff for their dedication and sacrifice!!!

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I hope your treatments are going well. I agree, people that have multiple homes need to pick one and stay there, not risk bringing this virus to others. Stay safe!

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