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I completed my 4 sessions of taxtore and am now going to start 4 more sessions with a chemo nicknamed devil. Had to have a test for heart before I start on the 24 the. Very nervous because I was allergic to my other chemo and I've only heard bad things about this new one one. Any ideas?

Also I had a test case 27.29. ref range is 38.6 and I had 48. Any words of wisdom?

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Hi juju56, below is some info I found about this drug, hopefully it can provide some further insight: bit.ly/2yEwglT

Did you discuss with your doctor? If so were they able to provide any additional insight? Hoping it all works out for you- please keep us updated.


Thank you for the info. Tomorrow is my first with the new chemo. Wish me luck and thank you again.

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So Juju, how did it go? I found that the worst day was the 4th day. After that I felt OK. I think when most people think about chemo, they assume you feel terrible for months on end. My experience was that I had a day or two out of every two-week cycle that sucked, but i could cope pretty well during the remaining 12 days. Hope your experience parallels mine.


I have the opposite reaction. After about 21/2 weeks I start to feel better. Meanwhile I’m exhausted, diarrhea, nausea. I also had a minor operation last Friday. And then my dr tells me I have agranulocytosis. But I only have 3 chemistry left. Thank you for asking. It might be my age too.


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