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Alternatives to Drugs for Treating Pain

Jane Brody from the New York Times

Many years ago I was plagued with debilitating headaches associated with a number of seemingly unrelated activities that included cooking for company and sewing drapes for the house. I thought I might be allergic to natural gas or certain fabrics until one day I realized that I tensed my facial muscles when I concentrated intently on a project.

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Greetings: Sisters/Warriors The New York times article had a couple ways to manage pain, but there are so many natural anti-inflammatory supplements, and topical creams that work. Look up Arnica, tart cherry extract, Curcumin, celery seed extract, Quercetin, Bromelaine, etc. Also Glucosamine Chondroitin triple advanced with Hylauronic acid,MSM, and vitamin C. There are close to one hundred natural anti- inflammatory supplements/herbs I have read information on. There is a small ,( yes) pharmacy close to where I live that will make natural ointments/creams for certain conditions. I was so surprised I had to read the brochure twice from front to back. The brochure showed the pharmacist mixing natural ointments/creams/lotions. This God's green earth back to Eden pharmacy,is the first I've heard of that does this . I have been making natural ointments/creams for years that I use for myself and, my loved ones. No pain , no problems . No I do not have an educational background in biology, but I do sometimes, hours of extensive research. I do consider myself a health & wellness advocate. I have 7 holistic books that I go to for info, and I have (2) Integrative Dr.s'. I can call or see to ask about modalities/herbs I need clarification on. Any natural supplement/ointment that I have given a family member. I have always consulted with, these (2) two Integrative Dr.s' that have the full medical information, and drugs that a loved one is taking before a consultation for administering natural supplements/herbs or ointments. I do trust these Dr's second to God of course.The billion dollar pharmaceutical companies get paid lot's of money, and some will dissuade patients from using the needed services of an integrative/holistic Dr. To the Dr.s' and, Pharmaceutical company personnel, who place a patients care above money ,thank-you we do need you, and you have produced/prescribed some medications that are clearly saving lives. Warriors I know life is busy, but we have the world wide web WWW of information at our finger tips. Yes it does take time and navigation to discern what is legitimate information. In America we spend more time watching T.V, and playing video games, than we do researching natural modalities to cure or alleviate ailments we or our loved ones are faced with. I have in the past used a Ten's unit for pain. Almost twenty years ago I was involved in a bad car accident that left me unconscious for 30 minutes, and when I woke up I didn't know my name. I had severe pain to my back, and neck. I used the Ten's unit that my Dr. Chiropractor gave me to use at home, with his direction, in conjunction with his treatments and (2) prescribed medications. God is good to this day I have no physical pain, or mental disability from that accident. Years later in 2008 after, aggressive chemo treatment removed the cartilage from my knees. The pain in my knees was unbearable. I used the same Ten's unit at the direction of my then Dr. Therapist ,In conjunction with (2) prescribed drugs. I eventually stopped using the prescribed drugs. I researched and,started using (2) natural ant-inflammatory supplements ,along with Triple advanced knee formula . Today no needed use of my Ten's unit, no pain, and no problems , but I still have to take the natural supplements, as a preventative maintenance. I don't ever want that pain to come back. I am now( physically) running fast forward into living, loving and enjoying this life journey. My priority is to look to God's green earth for answers. I do believe God has kept me here almost 9 years with NED, pass, what medical doctors had said should have been my physical death, to help someone else and to give my testimony. I pray all will enjoy this beautiful day that the Lord/God has made. To my Warriors out there fight,pray and praise, not necessarily in that order. Giving up or giving in is not an option! ! !. Be strong and in difficult times remember the fight song. Also don't forget to pray for the children who are fighting this life threatening disease Amen. My heart aches for them. Amen!