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Ouch! Waxing for Real, Not Just Philosophically, After My Breast Cancer

“That’ll go away,” Dr. Hope Rugo told me. It was my first visit with an oncologist after my breast cancer surgery. I could hear a vacuum cleaner in the background, and janitors emptying trash cans. The doctor, whose day had probably started very early, was focused and unhurried, even though it had to be hours after […]

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Daf10 that story at breast had me L.O.L. At 46 years old 10 years ago I had aggressive chemo, which put me into an unnatural menopause, and I felt like I was dropped from a mountain into a valley of extreme hormonal symptoms with drip down sweaty hot flashes I timed at every 22 minutes.The doctors would not give me hormones even though I was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer. I eventually found some natural cream supplementation that had/have me feeling like myself prior to aggressive Chemo.I joke with my girlfriends and say after menopause this is when we turn into old men. The light mustache on my upper lip and the 5 or 6 hairs on my chinny chin chin that I shaved and/or plucked this morning are the proof (smile). I am just so grateful to still be here in the land of the living, able bodied and able minded by Gods grace and mercy.Happy Good Friday and Happy Easter to my sisters and,some of my brothers in the struggle and all of your loved ones.


Thanks for responding I thought that our posters would enjoy it I am glad that you have developed a sense of humor about the loss of estrogen


I had never heard of this as a side effect! I use an epilater on my face and have for years. I was hoping my facial hair wouldn't come back! But all of a sudden my "whiskers" are back while the hair on my head SLOWLY is growing back!


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