I have been a double Breast cancer survivor for several years now. My name is Cindy. I have a question if someone could help me. My son is getting married in June and the back of my dress is see through mesh with beading. Do they make adhesive bras for breast cancer patients to hold you in place because of the open back. I have also had breast reconstruction done both times. I just don't know if they make bras like this for breast cancer survivors. Can someone help me with a possible answer please. Thank You


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  • I have not found a bra that works on an open back. But I did find a camisole flesh colored that blends in it hardly shows unless you are looking for it. The other option a little lace or beaded cape or shawl to match your dress.Have a wonderful wedding it is awesome that you can be there for it.

  • Not sure if this helps but these three companies offer adhesive bras. You can also check out amoena they gave a great selection of mastectomy bras

  • Hi Cindy, Try AnaOno Intimates. They may be able to help you. Joan

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