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How does Sildenafil oral jelly work?


I have erectile dysfunction. I also have swallowing difficulties. My doctor has recommended me to take Sildenafil oral jelly ( How does it work?

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I haven't tried it but have tried Sildenafil tablets.

Even though Sildenafil works quickly,(30 minutes) I would imagine that the oral jelly may work even faster.

Imagine taking a tablet and then the coating has to be dissolved by your stomach and the chemicals passed into your bloodstream, that can take time

Now imagine putting the oral jelly on the mucus membranes of your mouth and how much quicker the chemicals get into your blood that way.

Remember that you still need sexual stimulation before you get an erection.

If you've got the option of having sex then that should be enough to get you hard

If it is just a different way of aborbing sildenafil, it works by changing blood flow in different parts of your body including your penis to help achieve an erection

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